Wednesday, March 11, 2009
hasta luego

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LOL, just as I get to the last post I rate my blog and it's a G! It's supposed to be R21, really, cos I use 'shit' and 'steal' and (maybe) 'kill' all the time, but maybe lately I've been good and all the bad posts have moved their butts to Archives.

Anyway, relink me: I'll miss you, sweetintoxicated! You were my last link to sweet.intoxication, but don't get me wrong, I'm still as PotO-obsessed as ever.

Love you all! ♥GRACE :D

Grace Kelly
currently surfing teenvogue for good pics. they've got so many unavailable links to the pics I actually want!!

four more to go.,8599,1883968,00.html
That. Guy. Is. Pathetic.

tell me that you love me, then cut me down

okay, I take it back. my new url:
it's taken from one of my previous posts when I was eleven posts to abandonment (read: armageddon for this blog).
me likes it :D
okay, now I'm going to do a glammy blogskin, because I faved sher's latest vanessa hudgens one with pics from glamour magazine and now I feel like doing a glammy-polariod kind of skin. lol.
yes, I am less creative than you like to think.

this ain't a fairytale

OK, I've created two new blogs and I need feedback on which one to use:
  1. OR

or, you can wait until I think of a nicer url, which might take some time. I know the two urls give the impression of a glamour-starved person. (which, come to think of it, I am, but face it, I've been surviving long enough without it.)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The image is nice.The color is sweet. :D
Great job.
Thanks for joining the competition
Hm, you could get the 2nd. Really.. But i don't really like the link. you increase the size of the hovered link 'too big' . Maybe increase it my one? And leave the font family the same. (:

I DIDN'T get 2nd in the quote competition because the link size was too ... wait. Too big, or too small? I don't even get it. ):

second thoughts

eep, skinny was a bad idea.
next up: a super fat blogskin, but my brain's bamboozled. I'm going to make pretty icons.

the star
I am a self-confessed shopaholic who's obsessed with Broadway and Photoshop. My laptop, iPod and vast collection of books are probably my best friends, along with my awesome set of markers, countless notebooks, and of course, those humans I like to talk to. I'm going to post a little wishlist below this, and if you're a kind soul you'll peruse and grant some wishes.

  1. A (cropped?) blazer of black material or dark blue denim.
  2. Lots of pretty skirts.
  3. Strappy platforms/espadrilles.
  4. Embellished tank tops.
  5. Straw clutch.
  6. Twilight series.
  7. Shopaholic series, sans & Sister.
  8. A walk-in wardrobe.


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