Friday, January 30, 2009

another teaser 'cos I've been updating my art blog like crazy. once again click on img to access site, thanks!
I think next time I'll only update abt blogskins there cos if not i have to update in two places.

live search

I think live search images' having a bad html day or smth. the search bar doesnt appear and you can even see the htmling. poor html guys. anyway I'm retrying accessing the site, hope it works.
gosh, the aircon is freezing my hands, I cant type properly ):

rock moves

Pink- So What

I guess I just lost my husband
I don't know where he went
So i'm gonna drink my money
I'm not gonna pay his rent (Nope)
I got a brand new attitude
And i'm gonna wear it tonight
I wanna get in trouble
I wanna start a fight
So so what?
I'm still a rock star
I got my rock moves
And i don't need you
And guess what
I'm having more fun
And now that we're done
I'm gonna show you tonight
I'm alright, I'm just fine
And you're a tool
So so what?
I am a rockstar
I got my rock moves
And i don't want you tonight

katy perry

Listening to Katy Perry's Hot N Cold now. It's ooookay.

I have an LJ now! But I am a failure at LJ, officially. And the danceinastorm members are sooo good at making icons! I can't even do animation. I love the edward cullen one!

Of three things I was sure:
One, he was a vampire.
Two, one part of him thirsted for my blood.
Three, he looked just like Cedric Diggory.

or something like that.
I think I'm sticking to my art blog.

oh keira

love love love this, am going to use it here! because it's awesome! though its screenshot looks funny on, like all my screenshots do, grah, cos they get cut off at the nicest part.

carrie bradshaw

I have never watched Sex in the City, but I love this outfit worn by Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw! The clashing prints look awesome together just as the studded belt and strappy heels add some hardness to the otherwise girly outfit. And check out that awesome Eiffel tower bag!
I chanced upon this site where the blog author was piecing together cheap pieces from various shops to attain this outfit. You can view his post here.
Image (direct link by MSN Images) from here.


I know I should do homework, but ... but ... I just don't want to do it! :X Anyway.
I have calmed down over the blogskin thing. After all, I should've gotten used to it. It's much better than heroine.
I feel like creating a skin with a robin blue background! (You know, like Tiffany & Co.? I've ALWAYS loved that blue. I used smth like it in my Under Your Spell skin. The first Audrey Hepburn one, with the Bituwin template. Oh, whatever.)


"it doesn't suit."

suit WHAT? the background colour? it's grey, grey matches like EVERYTHING!

I need to bathe. cos my dad's friends are coming soon. and I need to cool down too before I lecture them on the importance of being specific and stuff.


I can't believe this!
My average rating now is 4.38 stars for Picture in a Magazine, because, guess what,
Hello, that's entirely personal opinion! You don't have to give me four stars just because you don't like the damn words! It's Jesse McCartney's songwriters you should be complaining to! Oh my gosh, this is a conspiracy I swear it is.
and the words overlap? right, so many people do that, and do I see you complaining? no!
wahbiang. (excuse me but still, it's outrageous.)
and the font does not look squished. have you ever tried arial size 8/9? yeah, it looks small, yes, but squished, no. the letter spacing is fully 0px, just as any normal font's is. it's just SMALLL!!!!!!!!
got a problem with THAT?


another teaser! click on img to access site.

it takes two to tango

My New Skin, which might actually be nice enough to use here! Nicer than the Hayden one! (because, srsly, I couldn't find a font to reaaaaaally suit the Hayden pics.)

Oh, I LOVE michelle pfeiffer's voice! "Front step, chachacha. Back step, chachacha. Front step, back step, side step!" Hairspray! she's so talented. like Meryl Streep. they act, look, and sing. (: and anne hathaway- not as good but still awesome. her singing is so pure! like amanda seyfried's!

I'm rambling.

please rate & comment on my newest skin, I only have 4.5 stars so far cos some person said it was nice but rated me down. -.- Yes, I know. and 0 downloads! grah, and I thought this skin was SotD-worthy. O.o oh whatever.

notes to self

note to self:

I should've made that noteS to self. anyway, toodles!


finished: Victoria and the Rogue
want to read: secrets of my hollywood life sequels 2 and 3, nicola and the viscount, size 14 is not fat either and other sequels of size 12 is not fat because cooper cartwright is just plain awesome!

I can't believe they described him as just a 'PI who owns the brownstone she lives in' on the back. then again, if they'd said he was a 'absolute hottie' like most of meg cabot's blurbs do, my parents would've told me I have to buy the sequels out of my own hard-saved money (lol). which they haven't yet because my mum's still undecided.

(I can just SEE the thought bubble above her head, saying, how can a book by meg cabot be soo... soo... soo... well, so unfluffy? she calls nearly all meg cabot/chic lit books 'fluffy', as well as movies like... like... chic flicks. not counting stuff like 27 dresses. cos she likes 27 dresses.)


skin ideas

sorry if it doesn't make sense to you, it's how I plan my blogskins to avoid my head getting all muddled.

it seems I am stuck to using two basecodes these days: chocoxbaby for navigational (thanks to zx, whose skins alerted me to chocoxbaby's navigational format, which was easy to tweak to create a different one) and sweet_summer for non-navigational, because sweet_summer's, unlike liewqi's, have different whadjamacallits, like h1, h2 and h3 for the separate stuff (only skinners would understand this, I think) so it's easier to create nicer blogskins.


heck, it's friday. (:


letting loose

how we all enjoy letting loose with a little ladadadadum

I want to create a skin like today's SotD, done by the inspiring tuesdaynight (since it was tuesdanynight who actually inspired me to create my art blog!). I love the image but how come I never find pics like those? ):

I think I'll do a layout like this:

Thursday, January 29, 2009
you had me at hello

I just might use this skin for my blog. clicketyclick! rate and comment nicely, tyvm.
hayden panettiere ♥!


need to update my art blog. so I'm off to make some icons, then I'll update about the new blogskin, bs account and icons and blahblahblah.
I'm kinda sad about vaguely- cos sweet.intoxication has loads of sentimental value for me ;D

without love

I want to do a blogskin with a layout similar to Lights Camera Action based on Without Love or Kaumudi's MSN PM, "you had me at hello." (so cute with a funky thick font/flowing script! which one? or maybe some handwritingy one? dafont!)

Am checking out powerschool. So anxious to know maths science grades.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
lights, camera, action

new skin awesome awesome awesome ;D but the screenshot is -.- cos the image was reallllllly long.
took me ages to make, have to go for dinner now, then chiong concept questions, bath, AND pangea, all in less than 1.5 hours (hopefully).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

click on image to access my new BS account! a new skin will be up shortly.

my awesome new iPod! it's purple but looks blue in the pic, I know. I tried flash and no-flash but still blue. whaaatever.
and at the bottom, my awesomely messy workspace. I work on the floor with my laptop on a cardboard box. terribly makeshift but the wireless was only put up last week or something and I haven't moved my laptop back to my room anyway.
from extreme right: my two very very heavy textbooks which I lugged to singapore and back; my iPod + speakers charger and boxes and stuff; my file and squished agenda; a piece of scrap paper on which I've written my
list of homework.


from top: font I was looking for (Impact Label by Michael Tension), awesome font that looks like the one used on Britney's Circus cd cover (Circus by Dan Roseman).

view them and others here.

shall go off happily thereafter ;D

fonty font

looking for a font on seen it on blogskins but never known where to look. sheez. it's so pretty!

lalala shall make a few icons or a blogskin or something, then lunch, then slave, then tuition, then slave some more, then dinner + bath, then ZZZZZZZZZ, then alarm clock, blast blast blast


Very, very tired.
Plane landed at 9.30 BKK time (10.30 Singapore time) last night but by the time we'd reached home and plunked all our luggage down it was 11. Woke up at 9.30 (was expecting 10.30, but lucky it was earlier cos I have LOTS of homework) and plunged into routine.
Very, very tired.
Oh, I said that already. =____=
I shouldn't have skipped school today but I was so crashed. Which means I will have more homework to catch up on and I don't know what's going to happen to me for the maths test TOMORROW.
Shit, shit, shit.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

am in singapore now for CNY, yep thanks for your email nat I replied it alr (:

am thinking of creating a new MSN address cos my current one was. well. IS kind of embarrassing cos everyone keeps asking me why I chose it and I'm like [gives lame explanation, where everyone gives sage nods and pretends to think it's cool but srsly I created it in... p4? p5?]

need to go to eat soon. tho my aunts and uncles arent here yet. shouldn't we wait for them?

BTW visit! it's the blog of this girl who tagged on my art blog. she only has 2 posts but her artwork is pretty cool ;D

Friday, January 23, 2009
singapore singapore singapore

going to singapore tomorrow!
I need to start packing so...

PS tectonic plates are not my thing

Thursday, January 22, 2009
listen to my heart

A little rant about the fan fic I'm reading:

Okay, I must admit, after reading less than 20 chapters of my latest waytoointoerik fan fiction, I am IRRITATED.


Usually, by the number of the chapters I've read, I'm totally Team E/C and really addicted to the fan fiction. But this Erik and Christine are PLAIN IRRITATING.

Erik is this reclusive rich business mogul living with Eileen, an older woman who's been his "mother" since young. Then he meets Christine, a radio DJ shopaholic and falls in love with her and she moves in. They start to neglect Eileen, who feels incredibly hurt. Erik lets Christine have her way all the time, and Christine, who admittedly has her 'sweet' times when you just have to go 'Awww', is.... is...

I don't know why, I just don't like Christine.

She shops a lot, fills Erik's house with clothes (I can't explain how MUCH she shops- just read- then again, don't, it'll tarnish your image of waytoointoerik, who is, otherwise, a brilliant writer) and doesn't seem to see how she's hurting Eileen. And when she's done something wrong, she just pouts or -quote unquote The Mediator- "uses her feminine wiles". EURGH. It's so irritating, so Lana Weinberger.

CAN'T YOU JUST GO BACK TO LESSONS IN LOVE E/C? That was the best fan fic I read from waytoointoerik. Some of waytoointoerik's Christines were really sweet and nice, and Erik was just awesome.

Just not Listen to my Heart E/C. It's.... eurgh-inducing.

Sorry for the rant!

hey beautiful

Finished My Secret Hollywood Life today and Breaking Dawn yesterday. Both were awesome; MSHL was my much-needed break from chimness. It was full of awesome fluff, just what I wanted. [You know, when your brain's going to have a nervous breakdown, you just NEED something fluffy.]

I know what Helen means by she wants to get the books now. LOL. I'm so lucky it's a series, I don't think I could get enough of K and Austin. [I must have short-term memory. I can't remember K's full name!] The only disappointing thing is that the author, Jen C-something, doesn't really have that much originality. The idea of a Hollywood teen starlet leading an alternative life as a normal teenager is very Hannah-Montana-y but works out... However, I know Meg Cabot's her all-time favourite author (it says so in author bio) but does one of your villian's surnames have to be Weinberger? And 'Austin' was the name of the guy in Cinderella Story, if I'm not wrong. In MSHL, they say Austin's a total Chad Michael Murray clone... and in the movie Cinderella Story, guess who plays Austin?

That's right, CMM.


Oh well. No complaints. The book was still good.

Breaking Dawn...

no comments.



"Badminton is synonymous with eurgh."

I'm so guilt-wracked I could ... die. Just kidding. (Not about the guilt-wracked part though. I feel guilty every time I play. Cos I miss almost everything.)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009
I can hear the bells

working on some artwork now. tuition in about 15-30 minutes. might shut down to read a magazine or smth.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

currently downloading river flows in you by yiruma, it's SO beautiful.
(still have not figured out the enigma of bella's lullaby. I guess it shall have to wait till I watch the movie. *tenses* x_x)

listen to it here

all eyes on me

Ooh, nice screenshot, for once. My skin ez completed! ;D

and it's 6.30 PM, wow. This's a record, probably. (because it's early release day, I know. *sigh* if it wasn't I'd probably still be doing homework now.)

I think I'm gonna make more icons ;D I'm saving breaking dawn for tmr.


forgot to post the pic here.


save the world

IT'S MY 101ST POST! (:

There's this irritating tapping sound from downstairs, don't know why.

Anyway, redid the Circus image, it's much nicer and less brushspammed. I'm going to use this one! SotD fwd! I hope.

"I don't like you, you don't like me, it don't matter."

Oh oh oh reading Breaking Dawn now, thanks so much Helen!! I'm in the last part already. as in, Part 3, the chapter after Bella learns that Jacob and Renesmee imprinted.

Humanities lesson....

Me: Why is everyone obsessed about Taylor Lautner?
Helen: Did you see his muscles?
Me: Helen!
Helen: You don't like Taylor Lautner? Did you know he has a *mouths* six pack?
Me: I don't think Taylor Lautner's six pack is interesting.
Loic: *gasp* Wow!
Me: -.-


(I mean seriously, the whole long-hair+Taylor-Lautner thing was a MISTAKE. A big one. GO EDWARD! Anyway. ANYWAY. LOL.)

Finished 7-4. An amazing feat considering it isn't due tmr, but it wasn't a long assignment. I think. (At least with a calculator handy ;D)

Was it really worth it, was she really everything you were looking for

Sorry, listening to Britney Spears ;D Her new album is surprisingly good. I only liked Circus after listening to it for the fifth time or something.

Off to do my Circus blogskin! [Proof that I like it? I'm doing a skin for it, for goodness' sake. ;D]

Monday, January 19, 2009

MAJOR brushspam, but I can't finish the skin today ): Have to go for dinner then quickly finish up homework, I've already exceeded time limit by doing this. Overall I like the image but somehow it doesn't have the nice perfection some professional skinners achieve in their images, shoot.
Okay: chiong print out essay and then dinner!

all eyes on me in the centre of the ring, just like a circus

Reminder to self:
brushes: brusheezy
lyrics: anysong lyrics
images: chris nicholls (FIND SITE!)

in the centre of the ring

99th post!
I am inspired somehow by sfmy's SotD to make a Circus (Britney) skin. like, colourful. I shall experiment with different layer types (I think soft light or screen should do it, but I'm not too sure) until I get that colourful airbrushed kinda effect that other skinners seem to have mastered! :D

by the 100th post I hope I have it done. I'm not too sure. I still have to print out my humanities essay draft (still bad) and finish up the science worksheet (which I may have to entirely redo, thanks to amy's pointing out an error I made, aargh).

SotD fwd!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

love this! it's my fifteenth post, with five icons of hayden panettiere. I think it's probably one of the best I've done so far.
anyway, another teaser! hope it won't be so big!
again, click on the img to access the site. enjoy! (tag, please.)I need to go eat my dinner, or I'll sleep late again. LOL. And I haven't packed my bag. I'm sooo nervous for tomorrow spanish skit! My script is really the lamest thing anyone has ever seen.

gah gah gah

I. Want. To. Watch. Twilight. SOOOO. BAD!

I shall see if my mum will let me go watch it on a school day. I hope so. Cos all the internet ones don't work. (LOL!) Either that or ask Auntie Jess if she can help me buy the CD if she doesn't already have it.

Grah grah grah.

I've finished all my homework (because I thought, if I finish it now, I can watch twilight before dinner! gah) so I shall try to pacify myself by making some icons or something. BAH BAH BAH HUMBUG I WANT TO WATCH TWILIGHT ANYWAY kbye.

sunlight, moonlight

I love Lea Salonga in Sun and Moon (from Miss SAIGON)!! Her voice is so incredible! I just wish she could do that song with Michael Ball or something. I don't know.

Listened to a bit of Twilight soundtrack just now. I LOVE Bella's Lullaby. It's awesome. Can't say much for Robert Pattinson's singing, though. It's good but a bit too rock-ish for Edward. Just an opinion. And yes, Ching Ying, I'm anti-Jacob too, lol. I mean, he kissed Bella when she was OBVIOUSLY going out with Edward! Eurgh. Such a guy has no moral standards. Just kidding. I preferred him pre-wolf, that's all. (For a minute I forgot how to spell werewolf. O.o)

Anyway, going to give myself a happy break before embarking on SPANISH SCRIPT GAH GAH GAH (who knew Spanish could stop being as much fun so fast?). completed my humanities essay. it's so horrible it's F-deserving, almost.


wow, that teaser was ginormous.
anyway, off to philosophy-statement-essay-writing I go!
my enthusiasm is faked. really, faked. I cannot write this. I can't!

speak of love

Just updated the art blog, there're 12 posts there now! 11 Images, 11 Icons, 1 Blogskin. Awesomo!

Anyway, just a teaser:

Click on the image to view the site. ;D Or just go to links and click on 'art'.

Saturday, January 17, 2009
anywhere you go

okay, ropeofsilicon is not good. you either save your imgs as GIF or bitmap, and both don't show up on Photoshop. I'm going back to IMDB.

those boys, they like, those open toes

If you're willing to do the crime, be willing to do the time.

Currently searching high and low for that website I found and FORGOT TO FAVOURITE. It's full of movie stills, its layout is like red with ads at the RHS. Does anyone know its URL? I'm so frustrated. It's pretty darn good for movie stills. Right now I'm looking at It's okay.

I'm already saving my icons and images as PNG files, how much better quality images can you get??

Anyway. Finished 7-2. I shall give myself a limit of 3 edited images before I start on my essay. So far it seems everyone's having problems with it, darn.

(I mean, what can you write about a social studies philosophy?? Not much. That'll be right.)

oh audrey

clicketyclick, rate and comment!
off to lunch me goes, it's 3.00, I'm supposed to be happily heading to the park for badminton and cycling but got carried away with digital art ;D

Friday, January 16, 2009
O Holy Night

*clap clap clap*
Check it out, that's Jusmita singing O Holy Night solo at the Kids in Motion concert.


visit, tag, etc.! it's my new art blog. aka, a blog where I post my digital artwork. instead of the lineart one (which I deleted cos I wasn't updating it enough).

bella icon

original image here
edited image below
resultant icon at the left
I'm addicted to making icons XD but this image looks a bit stretched, darn.

twilight icon

Hah, done! Making icons is fun, I love the glow effect! So for the icon at the right, I used an original image of Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward) from Twilight from here, referred to tuesdaynight's tutorial (look at previous post) and edited on Photoshop. Tada!
I actually don't mind the bigger version of my edit. It's prettier ;D Look:

just do it

tuesdaynight has this totally cool tutorial on creating icons-cum-creating glow, so I'll give it a shot... (always wanted to try making icons! she makes it look so easy).

hit the ground running

Update, update!

Firstly, check out this website, Life Without Limbs.
It's the official website of Nick Vujicic, a totally inspiring 25-year-old man who was born without arms and legs. We watched two videos of him during Health class yesterday and he's extremely overwhelmingly motivating. It's incredible how someone like him can just do so much and have so much faith in God, and here I am WITH limbs not doing anything, it's pathetic.

I think I'll work harder at my goals, or try to. Later today my dad and I are going to the park to play badminton (which is not so bad after all LOL) and cycle. To work off the potential my stomach has of developing a big fat line of fat. Did you know Asians have higher chances of fat going to the abdomen? Anyway, I shall try to eat more greens (humph. the only veg I can stand right now, is the stalk of the broccoli, the hard part- I HATE the grizzly part) and work out more.

Finished Queen of Babble yesterday, by Meg Cabot. It's a LOT like Confessions of a Shopaholic. The guys in it are both called Luke, and the girls both have a problem they can't stop, and yet it's that problem that lands them the Lukes. Hmmm.

On Thursday I also finished Eclipse. It's great. Better than New Moon but Twilight still tops. The library was out of all its Breaking Dawn stock, though, so Helen's lending me hers on Monday, I hope. That'll make it the whole series in four days! Whoo!

I'm on my third reading log. Big sigh. Although Mr. Kenney STILL doesn't believe I read The Book Thief. I did! I just forgot to write it in my reading log! Is that such a huge incredible impossibility??

Which reminds me, we were doing The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost in Humanities, and Mr. Kenney tells us about this convo he had in another class.

Mr. Kenney: What do you do if you reach a fork in the road?
Anonymous Student: Well, I pick it up!

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I-
I took the road less travelled by,
and that has made all the difference.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
oh he makes me dizzy

I am addicted to the georgia on this skin's posts, it's just so cute and small and everything.
(You could say I have a weird fetish about fonts. XDDD)
Honey Honey Amanda Seyfried!!
Quote Ms. Chubb in Health: "I want you guys to discuss what you think Health is." *writes 'Health is...' on the whiteboard* "Wait a minute, any of you watched Mamma Mia yet?" *some people raise hands* "Well, the dotdotdot doesn't mean the same here." *laughter*
Well go watch Mamma Mia if you don't get it ;D
might not have time, I need to collate everything AND code it in so it won't be a mess. Sheez.

boy you try to run ah ah

LISTENING TO Womanizer by Britney Spears
FEELING conflicted, if that's a word
RECENTLY VISITED tata's blog, I need to relink her
WANTING TO you'renotgoingtofindouttoobad make a blogskin but no time
DREADING waking up tmr, I haven't gotten used to early mornings.
WISHING we could jump from night to afternoon to night to afternoon again with no early mornings in between.

could we?

I'm so dumb, I left my humanities learning log in my locker today when our homework is to copy our vocab FRM THE LEARNING LOG onto binder paper/computer. aah. I guess I have to do tmr... 7-8 last pd I think. lunchtime then! ;D just that I hope I won't forget, I'm so unused to doing stuff on the day it's due.

I'm getting a LITTLE better at badminton.
Overstatement of the century.
At least I'm liking it a bit better!

Worst thing is when you succeed once and fail all the other times.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm so in shock right now, but I'd like to dedicate this to yan chyuan (I srsly hope I spelt it right), my awesomely smart junior from SHPS.

This is awkward, I'm so bad at this kind of thing. Seriously.


NEW 112 (212, I mean) BLOG! I need to update my links. But anyway it hasn't been officially started yet.



Let's see.

Oh, I quit choir. Rejoined yearbook, much to the happiness of me and ms ulster (that sounds funny). yearbook is awesome ;D I'd like to attend the choir show, though, IF I can make it.

do you want a piece of me

haha sorry, sherilyn/auntie jess lent me the britney spears CIRCUS cd and P.O.M. is one of the bonus tracks (or BUNUS tracks XDDD). I love the song. It's kind of sad. Britney actually does have talent, you have to give her that. I love the catchiness of her songs and how essentially if you listen hard enough her voice hasn't changed. I read this article about her in Life & Style (a mag I borrowed from my aunt XD) (an ancient copy; Oct 08 I think) and it's enough to make you feel so overwhelmingly sad for her. I wish her all the best in the future!

my mum and I agree she's so much better than xxxxx. Anyway! haha

okay, I think I'll slip away to read fan fic or smth. which reminds me,


I mean seriously, I get why everyone is edward/bella-obsessed. okay, maybe mainly edward-obsessed. he's kind of like erik in all the waytoointoerik fan fics I read. well, most. like, insecure, but loving. weird. but stephenie meyer is a really good writer!

okay, face it. I've finished twilight and new moon in 2 days, it's that good. I only read books really really fast when they're good. ;D

I HOPE the library has eclipse. cos for twilight and new moon I got the last copies XDDDD

anyway, toodles! ;D

Saturday, January 10, 2009
someone way down here

grah. algebra is not fun! nuu! I don't wanna go back to school! GRAH.
measured my height yesterday. much to my chagrin, my mother is ONE CENTIMETRE taller than I am. ONE. gaaaaah! WHY CAN'T I BE DELICIOUSLY 1.6M TALL?
fiy. I am 154.5cm tall. and my BMI is probably like 20 I think. must check BMI graph on internet! (my dad says 20 is okay. but still. IT USED TO BE 18.)

Friday, January 9, 2009
our last summer

I love my newest skin! at last, a perfect screenshot! going to use it here, it's so awesome! only thing, I forgot to put a music player in when I submitted it to the song is so cute! listen to it here


Please pay attention, if you want to learn. I'm trying to make this as clear as possible.

(1) Click here for a very self-explanatory tutorial. If you don't change anything in particular (IE. other than the pic and colours and fonts) it will turn out very simple, very neat.

(2) Blogskin-making must-haves.

(3) Blogskins use ANGLED BRACKETS (Next to M and ? on the keyboard. Should be.) The one that looks like ( is used to "open" a code (AKA tell the computer to start putting a certain code into action) and the one that looks like ) is used to "close" a code (AKA tell the computer to end the certain code right there). So shortcuts you can use are*:

*Replace all ( ) brackets with angled ones!

If you're confident and willing, sign up for (free) and submit your skins, where others can view, download, rate and comment on it. If you submit your skin with a screenshot (should be a PRT SC option on your keyboard, near the top; then CTRL + V or paste it into Paint and save the resultant image as an image on your computer) your skin's also eligible for Skin of the Day (for more info check out the site).

This is a really simple tutorial, there are loads more on the Internet, ESP on Check out their forums for more details.

phew that took AGES to write. gtg, it's late, BIG YAWN!

so I say

Check out my new skin, yay you!
Once again, not a very nice screenshot.

I think I'll do a post on how to create a blogskin soon, a very simple one, because a few people have asked me and I think it'll be more helpful to just have it all here. (LOL, free liewqi advertising!)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

but never mind, it was sort of depressing.


okay, so half of me wants to go to school, and the other half wants to stay home and lie on my bed and stone all day.
or go to pratunam and check out that bead shop. (WHY, WHY, WHY DO THEY SELL PRETTY BEADS -of which I only need two- SO CHEAP and SELL SEPARATELY SO EXPENSIVE??? and why do you have to pay 300B -15 Singapore bucks- more for those two beads to be made into earrings for you? is labour so expensive? :( )

and john, no, by cheering up, I don't mean people cracking jokes.
though... (thanks nicholas sparks.) two cannibals were eating a commedian, when one turned to the other and said, "Does this taste funny to you?"
okay, hahahaha. anyway thanks jlee for sp correction I'll change it then go bathe. yay. kthxbye

Saturday, January 3, 2009

definitely not my best skin. grah.


here you go, I decided. or rather, I picked two and chingying picked two and this was the... middle of the venn diagram of blogskins.

new blogskin...?

I'm thinking of putting a new bs here, but don't know which one, grah. CHINGYING, HELP ME CHOOSE! :X


be MESMERISED* by my new awesome skin. (yes, I'm being lame, to tie in with the skin's title. quote someone: "TEEHEE." *koff* *irritated* *koff*)

Friday, January 2, 2009

I love this brush.
Have to go, dad's friend arrived early.

'cause I'd do anything

I love this. how come my screenshots are always so screwed that the skins look horrible/unattractive?


say hello to joseph t! whee! looks just like sway chick!
for the clueless, joseph is my NEW COUSIN born today and sway chick is my uncle (and a new daddy)! whee!


Apparently, my grandfather's taxi got damaged by another driver while driving to the hospital to meet & greet lil' J.T. quote my brother: "so cool, just like a movie!"

speaking of quotes, my mum heard an intriguing (aka, HILARIOUS) conversation between this little kid (probably around 5, I think) and his mum at the shangri-la breakfast buffet.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: There wasn't strawberry at the fruit table.]
mum: do you want papaya?
kid: I want strawberry.
mum: do you want pineapple?
kid: I want strawberry.
mum: do you want apple?
kid: I want strawberry.
kid: why don't you just ask what I want?
I want strawberry.
mum *curtly*: shut up, nicholas.

poor kid, poor mum xD

anyway, working on a skin now for JoJo's Anything, the text is a little bit like the ONESTOPWONDER one. can you believe it, in a few hours, (I think 2-4), my skin has had 32 downloads?? amazing!

Thursday, January 1, 2009
one stop wonder

view my new skin here and rate/comment nicely thank you so much! I'm thinking of using it here, lol. it took me ages to plan and everything! :D

JT JT JT JT JT [stands for JOSEPH T, btw ;D]!

can't believe it still

still in some sort of daze. searching for pics and ideas for paris skin, for the city competition hosted by vintage.veggie.
ashley, if you see this, could you send your judging in ASAP? I think it wouldn't be nice to keep the truelove competititors waiting...
maybe I'll post chingying's and my judging up first so they don't go bonkers.


Grace T would like to welcome
to the world, and she's very happy for him, because he's her new cousin.
arrived today, 2nd January 2009, while most of you were studying,
and he's a happy 3.76kg bundle!
Grace T is also very happy because her bet of 3.78kg was the closest in her family.
(Everyone else guessed 3.5-3.6. HAH!)

christmas newsletter done!

I wonder if the city competition is up yet. I want to do a Paris skin!

everything we ever dreamed

finished the PE quiz and brief bloghopping which has left me feeling very =_=.


edit christmas newsletter.

THEN I'll do a blogskin. maybe not on the sunset. there's this weird black streak on it, I think the window was dirty ;_; I'll post it here. see!

new year resolutions

resolutions, before I forget, and before I have have have to remind myself how unfit I am.

[1] Get fitter, grah. So I get an A in PE, so I get...
[2] High Honour Roll!
[3] SotD, no matter what heroine says.
[4] Learn the guitar.
[5] LALALA somethingherewhichI'llnevertellyou LALALA
[6] Save more money and buy less stuff that I don't need, like more cute shirts, and one more pair of jeans pretty please, or whatever. [I don't think I can do this... :( lol]


yay yay yay 2009! (I bet Blogger still thinks it's 2008, pfft.)

just came back from an awesome 2D1N stay at Shangri-La. we went to the countdown! it was so great (tho the fireworks were... loud, to say the least, and huge). plus you could hear the disco stuff from upstairs. but it was great and I got this cute furry happy new year hairband thingum, that's too wild to wear out but cool enough to keep indoors on one of my soft toys or something.

I need to:

[1] edit christmas newsletter. sentences too long. grah.
[2] send off christmas, slash, happy new year cards.
[3] make a blogskin from the pretty sunset shot I took on the river boat.
[4] keep back all my stuff. in the right places. neatly.
[5] maths 7-1! graaaah!
[6] PE panthernet quiz, which I think I shall do right after this. you know?

whee here goes.
best wishes everyone!

the star
I am a self-confessed shopaholic who's obsessed with Broadway and Photoshop. My laptop, iPod and vast collection of books are probably my best friends, along with my awesome set of markers, countless notebooks, and of course, those humans I like to talk to. I'm going to post a little wishlist below this, and if you're a kind soul you'll peruse and grant some wishes.

  1. A (cropped?) blazer of black material or dark blue denim.
  2. Lots of pretty skirts.
  3. Strappy platforms/espadrilles.
  4. Embellished tank tops.
  5. Straw clutch.
  6. Twilight series.
  7. Shopaholic series, sans & Sister.
  8. A walk-in wardrobe.


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